Chateau Otočec Slovenia wedding photographer

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Start of autumn, the most colourful time of the year. Well, at least here in Slovenia, where we’re lucky enough to have 4 solid season and a nice contrast between all of them.

It was a pleasure to join my good friends Rok & Tamara on the walk around Chateau Otočec in Novo mesto. I actually shot their wedding in the summer at Dvor Jezeršek that you can also check out. Just a couple of months ago. Since then, they’ve been super busy with life and now they’re expecting a baby. 👼🏼 Congrats to both of them!

Castle Otočec is one of the most luxurious and absolutely gorgeous venue to host a wedding in this part of Slovenia, so if you’re planning to get married at this location, please do write me. It’s a bit over an hour away from the capital city of Croatia – Zagreb. Same goes, if you’re departing from the capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana. I live about 15 minutes away and it would be so cool to finally shoot a wedding here. This is on my to-do list for 2 years now and it would be a dream to finally tick the box.