about me

Life’s short and unpredicted, so why work in a job that makes you miserable? It ain’t easy to drop everything and follow your passion, but it sure is worth it. I dropped out of 2 faculties and became self-employed at the age of 21 and have been living off my own dime since I was 19.

So know you’re wondering if I’m legit and trustworthy.

Let me tell you some facts about me, just so I don’t scare you off. I’ve been dealing with photography since around 2012. Started as the official photographer for my high school, shooting events and random portraits. After high school I decided to go to college but ended up dropping out after just 2 weeks. Well at that time I just moved to Ljubljana and didn’t want to go back home, so I found myself a bunch of jobs in retail, customer service, IT and so on. I was still a student and found out my life was miserable, so I started to get a little bit more serious with photography, trying to make something out of it. I started getting all of these gigs almost out of nowhere and decided to quit my other jobs, where I worked as a student.


The year after I dropped out of my first college, I signed up for another one one and quit that one as well, since I wasn’t happy with the quality of education I received over there. I officially became “self-employed” the day after I dropped out the second time and I’m currently running my own company and the “student life” is well in the past now. I consider myself a wedding photographer first, although I still do some commercial projects and high end events here in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It’s kinda hard to focus on only one spectre of photography when you’re just starting out, but I got this. So, being a photographer has been my main job since mid 2016, but I opened my wedding brand at the end of November 2017, working exclusively for myself.

Then after a good wedding season in Slovenia, I moved to Gran Canaria in October of 2018 until February of 2019. Canary islands are something else, plus, there’s basically no winter there, which means I can still do couple sessions, cause I really do hate winters in Slovenia.

What I enjoy? I’m a simple man, a minimalist and anti-materialist, meaning I don’t wear flashy clothes and have a flashy car. I always invested my money into the future and trips abroad. I travelled the better part of Europe, hoping to visit Thailand in 2019 and the US. I’m the happiest when there’s sun and I can bike my way around the city, doing some work in a quiet coffee shop and ending up having some drinks with my friends. It really doesn’t take a whole bunch to make me smile. Mindset is key.


I’m very self-conscious; trying to better myself as a human being and a business man on a daily basis. I do a lot of listening to different podcasts about self-improvement, learning random things and going to conferences. I also do a lot of consulting to other creatives and business developers.

So… that’s me. I’m not a complicated individual with some fun anecdotes, but I would love to hear yours.