Let me present myself. I've been doing photography since 2012. It was just one of those things that grabbed my attention from a young age. Being a computer gee and being someone who has a genuine interest in art, but also business; career as a photographer seemed quite interesting.

My first real "gig" was working for a newspaper, which then led to me being a concert photographer and covering events, this was then followed by some commercial and studio work, etc. I've done a lot of different branches of photography during the past few years. Now I mostly do weddings, relatively big commercial works and bigger events. My goal is to do 50% of wedding abroad and the rest in my home country.

I became self employed in late 2017. Photography became my main focus in life. So far, it has been a trip of many ups and downs, but you just have to live with it.

Being young and free, I moved to Canary islands in late 2018. But only for solid 4 months. It was a good chance to expand my portfolio and see how life abroad feels. During those 4 months I started to dabble in cycling, surfing, hiking, etc. Well, now I have a pretty sweet road bike to "unplug" during the wedding season and a hardcore mountain bike to get the adrenaline going from time to time. Some of my interest, being a computer guy is also cryptocurrency. An amazing technology I started to learn about at the beginning in 2017, just before the big "boom".

Generally, I consider myself as a relatively simple, outgoing guy. Good company.

I'm very self-conscious; trying to better myself as a human being and as a business man on a daily basis. I do a lot of listening to different podcasts about self-improvement, learning random things. I also do a lot of consulting to other creatives and business developers.