Destination wedding photographer

I’m a wedding photographer from a small, but amazingly gorgeous European country called Slovenia, where I grew up and found my passion. For the last couple of years, my profession took me all around the globe. This aspect always seemed cool to me, since I enjoy travelling just for my own sake to disconnect and put everything about my future into perspective and think about the “big image”. In the winter of 2018 I even spent 4 months in the Canaries, mostly surfing and cycling around the island and during my failed college education, I travelled every month for at least a week all across Europe for almost no money. I’m energetic and goofy at times, but responsible nevertheless. I’ll take any opportunity for a spontaneous trip and would much rather have a 1 on 1 real talk than go night clubbing and not hear a thing. I’d probably take a swing at any adrenaline fuelled experience you’ll throw at me. I’ve officially opened my business when I was 22, but at the time, I was already 2 years into “professional” photography, meaning most of my income came from that. I genuinely love doing weddings, meeting new people and making new friendships. It still feels amazing to me, when a bride from 2 years ago likes my Facebook posts or a family keeps coming back to do another session with me. Give me a chance to show you who I am and hopefully, I’ll be there for one of the biggest day of your life.


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