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France Bordeaux Chateau de la Valouze Wedding Photographer

Sarah & Justin

Château de la Valouze / La Roche-Chalais – Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine / Dordogne / South of France

What a fun weekend it was to spend in the company of Sarah, Justin and their family and friends. A romantic and extremely friendly asian couple I got to meet in the south of France.

Château de la Valouze is located about an hour of driving northeast from the France Bordeaux airport, making it an “easy-to-get-to” location if you’re thinking about getting married abroad for a destination wedding. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth considering getting married in the south of France, as the scenery, cheeses, wines are absolutely superb! It’s one of my biggest reasons why I would love to focus solely on destination weddings in Italy and France.

The couple’s roots are from Malaysia, but they now reside in London, United Kingdom. This was my first time as a wedding photographer where I had to capture the tea ceremony that is a cultural symbolic present in Asia. It was quite sweet to capture the moments, as parents came from Malaysia, so everything was done as it was intended. It was a pleasure to share those moments with the whole wedding party. Overall, this was a cool experience, and it’s one of the perks of being a destination wedding photographer, getting to know other cultures and conversing with people from all walks of life from around the world.

A big number of guests flew not just from UK, Malaysia and Singapore, but also from the US, Germany and even Australia.

All the wedding vendors are listed below. If you’re planning a wedding near Bordeaux, France, send an inquiry to check availability. #chancannotrunawayliau

Videographer: Alexandre Chevalier
Make up Artist: Reina Kim
Wedding Coordinator: Sue Christie from Marry me in France
Catering: Roseanne Greenhalgh from Party in France
Venue: Château de la Valouze

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