Tri Lucke Wedding: A Love Story in Krsko | Destination Photographer

Mateja & Marko

Tri Lucke Wedding Magic: Mateja & Marko’s Unforgettable Day

Slovenia / Dolenjska / Krsko / Tri Lucke

Hello, I’m a passionate destination wedding photographer based in Slovenia, specializing in capturing love stories. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Mateja and Marko’s wedding at the enchanting Tri Lucke restaurant in Krsko. Join me on this journey as I share the details of their special day and provide insights into the world of destination weddings.

About Tri Lucke Wedding

Tri Lucke, nestled in the heart of Krsko, served as the picturesque backdrop for Mateja and Marko’s celebration of love. As a self-employed photographer, I aim to showcase the beauty of such moments, creating memories that transcend borders.

Preparations and Arrival

The day began with the arrival of the couple’s families at Tri Lucke estate, marked by warm moments and anticipation. The skilled wedding organizer, Maja Judez from YOUMA Events, orchestrated the seamless flow of events.

Ceremony Moments

The civil ceremony unfolded in the open air, with guests gathered to witness Mateja and Marko say “I DO”. Despite a brief interruption of rain during dinner, the celebration continued indoors, creating an intimate atmosphere.

Dining and Celebrations

The reception featured a delectable menu and a lively atmosphere. From mini burgers to a stunning wedding cake, every detail was meticulously planned. The evening unfolded with the first dance, music, and a midnight street food feast.


Q1: How do you handle unexpected weather changes during outdoor ceremonies?

A1: Adapting to weather changes is key. In this case, moving indoors transformed the atmosphere, capturing the essence of the moment seamlessly.

Q2: What services do you offer for destination weddings?

A2: Specializing in destination weddings, I offer services for couple sessions, weddings, proposal, elopements, and family sessions.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through Mateja and Marko’s love story at Tri Lucke. If you’re planning your own destination wedding or seeking a photographer to capture your special moments, let’s connect. Explore more by reaching out to me.