Sebastjan & Ana

Secret wedding proposal on Gondola in Venice, Italy

Venice Italy Wedding Elopement Proposal Photographer

Venice, Italy Elopement proposal Wedding photographer

Venice is extraordinary. Amazingly beautiful, unique and in the time of COVID-19, empty!

It’s quite surreal to be in this city without the massive hoard of tourists. Who knows when the next opportunity will be to walk the Venice streets all by yourself.

We planned for Sebastjan to propose on the Gondola and we were successful! Luckily, Ana said yes and I was there to capture the moment. It all went well. I then joined them on the gondola and we disembarked at Piazza San Marco, where we took a walk and did a few more photos to document their proposal. Because of the coronavirus, the piazza was incredibly empty and there were no tourists to give us troubles. We also took a stroll trough the romantic and quiet Venetian streets.