In order to book me, please first send an Inquiry with as many details as you possibly can.

Meeting or Skype

After you've taken a look at my offer, we can arrange a video call so we get to know each other. WhatsApp is usually the easiest way or Google Meet.

Deposit & contract

After we've got to know each and you decide you would like to book me for you special day, I'll invite you to sign a contract plus pay a deposit. This is insurance and a guarantee for both parties.

2nd meeting

After all of the formalities will have been arranged, we'll have a second get together to disclose all the details of your wedding day. This is usually a month before a wedding.


You'll receive a preview of your day, including 10 - 15 edited images for you to share on social media in the following days.

Blog post

Every couple receives a blog post displaying the best images from your special day in a beautiful scrolling format on my website.


You'll also get a web gallery with all of the images from your day. You have an option to share the gallery with your friends and download them in full resolution.
No worries, the gallery is password protected.


Every client of mine has an option to buy a wedding book.
The books is made out of 40 pages, 20 spreads.

Book preview: https://tomazkosweddings.com/books/

Pricing is listed in the wedding pricelist you receive after you send and inquiry.

Delivery time

I'll do my best to deliver them ASAP. After sending you the images, blog post and the gallery, I'll send you a book preview in the following 4 weeks, for which you'll then wait about a month to receive in your mail.

Usually, wedding images are sent one month and a half after the wedding.

How many images do we get?

The number of images in not limited, but if you're planning to do a whole day wedding expect about 500 - 700 edited images.

What time do we have a session on our wedding day?

I strongly recommend changing the timeline to suit the photo session. The best time in my opinion is during the "golden hour", which starts one hour before the sun settles.
My sessions usually last 45 minutes for 1 location. If you're planning to have more than 1 location, please reserve more time. Or we can do 30 minutes at 1 location and 30 minutes at the other one.

I do location scouting before the actual day and see what would work.

Is everything posed?

Actually, no.
I try to make it as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Just like everything else on your day, this is another experience I want you to enjoy.

What if we want full privacy?

If you wish to not have your images posted to you social media, that's ok, but it will alter the price for 30%.

Why? Well, 90% of my bookings come from social media like Facebook, Instagram and website traffic and if you don't allow me to share my work from your wedding day, that means I can't grow my business and can't expand my online audience, reaching other clients.