Frequently Asked Questions for working with a destination wedding photographer in Europe

Find answers to commonly asked questions.

I offers a wide range of services including wedding photography, destination weddings, proposals, elopements, couples photoshoots and family photography. I am dedicated to capturing your special moments and creating beautiful love stories that will last a lifetime.

I am centrally located in Europe, specifically in Slovenia, serving as a dedicated wedding photographer in the region. While my primary focus is Central Europe, I extend my services globally, having traveled as far as Roatan, Honduras, in Central America for a wedding.

Absolutely! As a destination wedding photographer, I revel in the opportunity to travel and document love stories in stunning locations worldwide. Whether it’s a beach wedding in the Canary Islands or a romantic ceremony in Europe, I am ready to accompany you on your journey.

  1. Initial Inquiry: To kickstart the booking process, please send an inquiry with all the essential details about your wedding. You’ll receive my price list.
  2. Video Consultation: Once you’ve reviewed my services, we’ll schedule a video call via WhatsApp or Google Meet. This allows us to familiarize ourselves and discuss any specifics.
  3. Contract & Deposit: Should you decide to proceed, I’ll provide a contract for signing and request a deposit. This ensures mutual commitment and secures your wedding date.
  4. Final Details Meeting: Approximately a month before your wedding, we’ll arrange a second meeting to go over every detail of your special day.

  1. Optimal Timing: For the most picturesque results, I advise scheduling our session during the “golden hour,” which commences an hour before sunset. This timeframe offers the perfect natural lighting for stunning photos.
  2. Duration & Locations: Typically, my sessions span 30 minutes per location. If you’re considering multiple locations, additional time allocation is recommended. Alternatively, we can split the time, spending 30 minutes at one location and the remaining 30 minutes at another.
  3. Preparation: Rest assured, I conduct thorough location scouting prior to your wedding day to ensure the chosen spots align with your vision and offer the best photographic opportunities.
  4. Style & Approach: Contrary to rigidly posed sessions, I prioritize creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. My goal is to capture genuine moments and emotions, allowing you to savor every moment without feeling overly staged.

  1. Preview Package: Shortly after your wedding, you’ll receive a curated preview consisting of 10-15 professionally edited images, perfect for sharing on your social media platforms.
  2. Online Showcase: Every couple gets a dedicated blog post on my website. This post will feature a selection of the finest images from your wedding, presented in an elegant scrolling format.
  3. Comprehensive Web Gallery: You’ll gain access to a secure web gallery containing all the images captured on your special day. This gallery offers the flexibility to share with friends and family, as well as download images in high resolution. Rest assured, the gallery is password protected for your privacy.
  4. Wedding Book Option: As a valued client, you have the opportunity to purchase a bespoke wedding book. This beautifully crafted book comprises 40 pages/20 spreads. Explore a book preview here.
  5. Delivery Timeline: While I strive for prompt delivery, please anticipate receiving your images, blog post, and gallery within six weeks post-wedding. Subsequently, the book preview will be shared within four weeks, with the final delivery arriving at your doorstep approximately a month later.
  6. Image Count: While there’s no strict limit, couples typically receive between 400-700 meticulously edited images for a full-day wedding.

I believe that every love story is unique and deserves to be captured in a special way. With a harmonious blend of technical expertise and artistry, I strive to create breathtaking photographs that reflect your vision and narrate your story. My unwavering dedication, professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail set me apart, ensuring that your special day is captured with unparalleled excellence.

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