Timeless and elegant wedding books

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This is the book called “Panoramic Deluxe”. Its dimensions are 30 x 30 cm. It’s a linen cover book. Covers colour and the title design can be changed to your liking. The “slip in” box is an extra add on, but it’s totally worth. 🙂 The book feels extremely solid with a premium feeling.
…as you can see, the middle of the book is completely flat. This feature offers a better layout of images.

Package #1 shown bellow includes 3 Panoramic Deluxe books in different sizes.
1x 30x30cm
2x 20x20cm
Great option to gift your parents as well.

Physical comparison between the big and the small one. The layout itself tho is completely the same. The “small” 20x20cm book is also a great option for showing off a smaller event, such as a birthday, family reunion and so on…

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