01 session photographer switzherland wedding zermatt couple

Couple session at ski resort Zermatt, Switzerland

Austin & his fiancé Corinne came all the way from Colorado, USA to visit the beautiful Swiss alps and do some proper skiing and of course, get officially married in the city of Zermatt. It was an extremely nice experience getting to know both of them. All of us are more on the adventure side, so luckily, there was no awkward silence, since we had a bunch of topics to discuss. They’re both hardcore skiers in Colorado and they both do mountain biking. Austin is also a snowmobile tour guide, which is extra epic. Didn’t even know that’s a thing, but I’m kinda jealous.

The city Zermatt in Switzerland is absolutely astonishing. One of the nicest little ares I’ve ever visited. It’s quite difficult logistically tho… It’s not accessible by car and you have electrics “mini vans” and “mini busses” that can help you move around. You have to take a train from Täsch, where you also have to park your car. It’s like 10km away from Zermatt and the train ride take about 15 minutes.

The scenery is nothing short of incredible! Everywhere you gaze your eyes… mountains and fresh snow. We had some good luck and it snowed a night before, so when we woke up, we had a bunch of fresh powder and some sun to make it even nicer.

If you don’t yet know. The name of the mountain in the background is called Matterhorn. Quite beautiful.

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couple session photographer switzherland wedding zermatt