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Why Vitoria is the perfect place to get married

Are you dreaming of a destination wedding in the heart of Europe? Look no further than Vitoria, Spain. With its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and enchanting architecture, this charming city sets the perfect backdrop for your special day. As a luxury wedding photographer based in Vitoria, I capture the magic of every moment, ensuring your memories last a lifetime. Turn your dreams into reality with Vitoria as your picture-perfect destination.


Your wedding day deserves to be a timeless celebration of love, and with the artistic touch of Tomaz Kos – Vitoria Wedding Photographer, each moment becomes truly magical. Through my lens, I capture the exquisite moments of joy, laughter, and romance that make your wedding day unforgettable.

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Location specific highlights for Vitoria, Spain wedding

Capture the essence of romance and luxury in Vitoria, Spain, the perfect destination for your dream wedding. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the region’s top wedding venues, each offering a unique blend of elegance and charm. From the historic allure of Palacio de Bendaña to the stunning vistas of Hotel Viura, every backdrop is a masterpiece waiting to be captured. Indulge in the local traditions and savor the rich cultural heritage that Vitoria has to offer. Let your love story unfold amidst the beauty of this enchanting destination.

What my clients have to say

Omar Massoud
27 January 2024
We had an amazing experience with Tomaz as our engagement photographer! His friendly and relaxed approach made the session enjoyable, and the results were beyond our expectations. He was attentive to our preferences, ensuring a personalized and easy experience. The final photos were delivered promptly and came out wonderfully. I cannot recommend him enough if you're looking for a skilled and personable photographer to capture special moments.
23 August 2023
Tomaz’s photographs for us are absolutely stunning, as an artist myself, I love his composition, colour tone, movement and everything in his photographs. His eyes truly captured the essence of our natural loving moment. Tomaz taught us to pose cause we are not very photogenic, introduced us to many beautiful places in Piran. He makes us feel comfortable and happy throughout the shooting day. We felt relax enough that we even went for ice cream during the shooting! We enjoyed the experience a lot!!! Thank you Tomaz for the marvellous photographs and fun shooting day!
Trish K
9 April 2023
Tomaž was amazing! We were looking for a pre wedding shoot in Gran Canaria. From the very start when jumping on call with us to chat through what he does, what locations we could have a shoot at, even to where we could stay during our trip there, he was fantastic with us! During the actual shoot, Tomaž was nothing else than perfect. He made us feel very comfortable (we're not very used to being in front of the lens), and as we also wanted to try some poses ourselves, he executed these flawlessly. He knew a lot about Gran Canaria and the beautiful spots around the island and his effortless natural photography led to us being amazed with the photos he gave us (speedy delivery of only a week, wow!). The pictures taken really captured our authentic selves and we couldn't recommend him enough! Thank you again Tomaž!!
Julia Yeo
29 October 2022
Tomaž is very easygoing and friendly, making us feel very comfortable throughout the whole process to prepare for our pre-wed shoot at the Italian Dolomites. We had a chance to share our story and suggested some shots we'd like to do beforehand and he nailed it, creating an absolutely stunning and breathtaking collection! We not only left the place with good memories, but also made a friend who exchanged views of our own cultures. Highly recommended, you will never regret it. Thank you once again Tomaž! See you again someday!
Miranda Grubb
2 August 2022
Tomaz did our proposal photos. I was totally surprised, he worked diligently with my now fiancé to pull off the most perfect proposal in Venice Italy. He was fun to work with and the photos came back absolutely stunning! Would highly recommend!!
Mark Larsen
1 August 2022
Tomáz was amazing to work with. Very professional, punctual, and talented. He went above and beyond to make my surprise engagement in Venice super special. The photos turned out great! He helped to plan everything, communicated with my hotel, helped to line up logistics with our gondola ride, purchased and helped design the flower bouquet, put up a "She said yes" banner on one of the bridges, and even came with a nice bottle of champaign which he gave us for free. He is the real deal if you want to make a memory last forever. I would recommend him 10/10 times. Thank you!
Mateja Bajc
25 July 2022
Fotograf z okusom :) Hitro najde prave trenutke in kotičke.
Rosy Bick
28 June 2022
Tomaž recently photographed our wedding in the South of France and we could not be happier with the photos. His style is absolutely beautiful, so natural with such fabulous colours. He managed to capture the quickest of moments perfectly and seamlessly. He spent time with the guests and made them feel comfortable which made all the difference, everyone loved him and by the end of the weekend he was one of the party! We will definitely be recommending him to friends and family in the future. Thankyou Tomaž!
Tina Zagar
24 June 2022
Tomaž je res oseba, ki ve, kaj počne, ko v rokah drži fotoaparat. Vrhunsko vzdušje, vrhunske fotografije in veliko dobre volje je bilo prisotne med samim procesom, hkrati je zelo fleksibilen. Priporočava.
Flyne Janhunen
7 December 2021
We chose Tomaz on a recommendation of another photographer who was booked for the date of our elopement in Portugal, and we are so glad they were! He immediately put us at ease with a Skype session before we booked with him, he explained what he would offer and gave a quote. Since it was just going to be us for the elopement we felt it was important to have someone we connected and felt at ease with, and Tomaz was amazing and working with him was seamless from start to finish. When we finally met him in Portugal we were so thrilled and had such a great time, he is so warm and professional. His eye for capturing the venue/landscape and the experience was incredible, getting the pictures back I am so thrilled. I do not feel like these were just snapshots of time, he captured something special. And not only is he a great photographer he is a truly genuine wonderful, fun, human who helped make our day very special. Thank you Tomaz for an easy experience and a day we will never forget :) Flyne and Billy

Why entrust me with capturing your Vitoria wedding moments

Your wedding day is a unique celebration of love, and my lens is poised to artistically capture every special moment. As a dedicated destination wedding photographer, I’ve been privileged to document captivating weddings across Europe. My commitment extends beyond borders – I’m prepared to travel anywhere to ensure your love story is immortalized with care and creativity. Wondering why I’m the perfect fit for your Vitoria wedding? Dive into my portfolio, where each project reflects my passion and unwavering dedication. Reach out, and let’s discuss how I can bring an extra layer of magic to your Vitoria wedding day, making it truly unforgettable.

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When is the perfect time to get married in Vitoria, Spain

The best time to get married in Vitoria, Spain is during the summer months of June, July, and August. With warm temperatures and clear skies, you can exchange your vows in the beautiful outdoor locations Vitoria has to offer. From stunning gardens to historic cathedrals, your wedding day will be filled with sunshine and unforgettable memories. Book your special day now and make it truly magical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Uncover valuable information by exploring common inquiries about hiring Vitoria Wedding Photographer. Elevate your knowledge and gain insights into No Content through these frequently asked questions.

I offers a wide range of services including wedding photography, destination weddings, proposals, elopements, couples photoshoots and family photography. I am dedicated to capturing your special moments and creating beautiful love stories that will last a lifetime.

I am centrally located in Europe, specifically in Slovenia, serving as a dedicated wedding photographer in the region. While my primary focus is Central Europe, I extend my services globally, having traveled as far as Roatan, Honduras, in Central America for a wedding.

Absolutely! As a destination wedding photographer, I revel in the opportunity to travel and document love stories in stunning locations worldwide. Whether it’s a beach wedding in the Canary Islands or a romantic ceremony in Europe, I am ready to accompany you on your journey.

  1. Initial Inquiry: To kickstart the booking process, please send an inquiry with all the essential details about your wedding. You’ll receive my price list.
  2. Video Consultation: Once you’ve reviewed my services, we’ll schedule a video call via WhatsApp or Google Meet. This allows us to familiarize ourselves and discuss any specifics.
  3. Contract & Deposit: Should you decide to proceed, I’ll provide a contract for signing and request a deposit. This ensures mutual commitment and secures your wedding date.
  4. Final Details Meeting: Approximately a month before your wedding, we’ll arrange a second meeting to go over every detail of your special day.
  1. Optimal Timing: For the most picturesque results, I advise scheduling our session during the “golden hour,” which commences an hour before sunset. This timeframe offers the perfect natural lighting for stunning photos.
  2. Duration & Locations: Typically, my sessions span 30 minutes per location. If you’re considering multiple locations, additional time allocation is recommended. Alternatively, we can split the time, spending 30 minutes at one location and the remaining 30 minutes at another.
  3. Preparation: Rest assured, I conduct thorough location scouting prior to your wedding day to ensure the chosen spots align with your vision and offer the best photographic opportunities.
  4. Style & Approach: Contrary to rigidly posed sessions, I prioritize creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. My goal is to capture genuine moments and emotions, allowing you to savor every moment without feeling overly staged.
  1. Preview Package: Shortly after your wedding, you’ll receive a curated preview consisting of 10-15 professionally edited images, perfect for sharing on your social media platforms.
  2. Online Showcase: Every couple gets a dedicated blog post on my website. This post will feature a selection of the finest images from your wedding, presented in an elegant scrolling format.
  3. Comprehensive Web Gallery: You’ll gain access to a secure web gallery containing all the images captured on your special day. This gallery offers the flexibility to share with friends and family, as well as download images in high resolution. Rest assured, the gallery is password protected for your privacy.
  4. Wedding Book Option: As a valued client, you have the opportunity to purchase a bespoke wedding book. This beautifully crafted book comprises 40 pages/20 spreads. Explore a book preview here.
  5. Delivery Timeline: While I strive for prompt delivery, please anticipate receiving your images, blog post, and gallery within six weeks post-wedding. Subsequently, the book preview will be shared within four weeks, with the final delivery arriving at your doorstep approximately a month later.
  6. Image Count: While there’s no strict limit, couples typically receive between 400-700 meticulously edited images for a full-day wedding.

I believe that every love story is unique and deserves to be captured in a special way. With a harmonious blend of technical expertise and artistry, I strive to create breathtaking photographs that reflect your vision and narrate your story. My unwavering dedication, professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail set me apart, ensuring that your special day is captured with unparalleled excellence.

How to get to Vitoria, Spain for your wedding day

Planning a destination wedding in Vitoria, Spain? Here are some practical tips to make your special day unforgettable. When it comes to logistics, consider hiring a local wedding planner who knows the area well. Familiarize yourself with local customs, such as the siesta tradition, and plan your schedule accordingly. In terms of legal considerations, ensure you have all the necessary documentation and permits. Vitoria is conveniently served by Bilbao Airport, just a short drive away. With its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Vitoria is the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding.

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