Bistra Castle Wedding Technical Museum of Slovenia Vrhnika

Katja & Peter

Slovenija / Bistra castle / Tehnical Museum of Slovenia / Vrhnika / Ljubljana

Romantic Fairytale Wedding at Bistra Castle: A Dreamy Journey in Slovenia

Hey there, lovebirds and photography enthusiasts! Today, I’m excited to take you on a magical journey through a breathtaking wedding at Bistra Castle, Slovenia. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of this enchanting castle, the fascinating Technical Museum of Slovenia, and the picturesque landscapes of Vrhnika and Ljubljana. So, let’s dive right into this fairytale!

The entire day was filled with love and joy, starting with the preparations at the estate. With separate rooms for the bride and groom, I had the freedom to move from one room to another, capturing those candid and heartfelt moments as they got ready to say “I do.”

This lovely couple has a beautiful family with two young boys, and their bond spans more than a decade. It was heartwarming to witness their deep connection and see how their love has grown stronger over the years.

The civil wedding ceremony took place at the captivating Bistra Castle, adding a touch of historic charm to the celebration. After the ceremony, we enjoyed some mouthwatering catering, and then it was time for a splendid photoshoot. The golden hour provided the perfect backdrop for capturing their love, with the sun setting near the big tent on the estate.

As a solo destination wedding photographer, I pride myself on capturing the essence of every moment, ensuring that no precious detail goes unnoticed. Every shot is a reflection of the couple’s unique love story and the beautiful surroundings that make their day even more special.

At Bistra Castle and the Technical Museum of Slovenia, history intertwines with romance, creating an ambiance like no other. It’s a destination that truly holds a piece of everyone’s heart.

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