Two Countries, One Love Story: Mel and Matthew’s Jet-Set Wedding Journey from Australia to Prague

Australians visiting Austria and doing a shoot in Prague. Honestly, this has been an amazing first time experience.

Mel contacted me back in September if I’m interested for a photoshoot in Prague at the end of March and of course I said yes. I LOVE PRAGUE. If for some reason I wasn’t allowed to live in Ljubljana, Prague would probably be my home. Can’t get over those sketchy, narrow street and the cheap beer.

This was kinda my first “official” gig abroad and I was super excited (so muuuuch planning). Our photoshoot actually took 2 days. 2 hours on Monday and then another 2 hours on Tuesday. Did the whole custom Google maps walking tour with interesting spots to shoot. Luckily, I have some friends living in Prague, so it wasn’t that difficult.

Mel and Matthew were like couple of pros in front of the camera! What a relief. So relaxed and in the moment and  almost every shot was pitch perfect.

They actually got married on Saturday Queensland, Australia, 3 days before. They had their ceremony 9am and went on a plane 3 hours later, travelling for about 25 hours to get to Prague! :O Their plan was to visit Europe for the first time, and pay a visit to Mel’s family in Austria which she hasn’t seen in ages.

Really, what an inspiring couple.

It was awesome to hang out with the two of you and I hope we’ll meet next year in the land down under.