Me and Rok have known each other for the past 3 yers or so and became good friends, since we collaborate every now and then. He is the owner of Roks nut butter. The best peanut butter and ice cream you can get your hands on. His company is really thriving and he was also the best young business owner of 2018 in the whole Slovenia!!! Tamara is a next level kickass. Both literally and figuratively. She’s an attorney, but if that doesn’t cut, she’s also a fitness fanatic, so watch out. 😀 It’s no joke to come from Serbia and then become an attorney. Respect.

They’re both passionate travellers and a real power couple. It means a lot to me that you booked me for your wedding and it was a privilege to document this day in your life. I hope these images will mean a lot to you in 5 or 10 years when you’ll hopefully calm down with your bussy lifestyles and appreciate them even more.

Also… the keyboard player at the wedding ceremony was my absolutely lovely ex-flatmate Beti Strgar.